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Prom is one of the most special nights in a young woman's life. Your prom is a time for celebration with friends and is considered by most as the 'best night of high school.' And, a prom dress can dictate how the whole night will go. Every girl should choose a prom dress that she loves, that makes her feel beautiful, and that is going to look fantastic in photos. For some girls, that might be a white prom dress. While commonly associated with weddings, white gowns have become a trending choice for prom. Keeping reading why white prom dresses are such a special choice.

What Does the Color White Symbolize?

White is considered a very positive color. It symbolizes innocence, light, purity, brilliance, and softness. The color white affects the body and mind by aiding in mental clarity, clearing obstacles and clutter, and promoting feelings of renewal and fresh beginnings. White is often associated with royalty and is considered very glamorous.

White Prom Dresses

White is simultaneously a neutral and bright tone. White prom dresses look great on all skin tones and go well with any color of hair. Unlike black, white prom dresses aren't very slimming. However, a slimming effect can be achieved from the cut of the dress (such as wrap dresses or corset dresses) or by wearing Spanx.

White Prom Gown Styling

A white prom gown can hold up on its own, without the need for accessories. For those who want to accessorize, gold jewelry and hair pieces can make you look like a Greek goddess in your white prom dress. Or, you can match an all-white dress with a pop of color for your lipstick shade and shoes. Just picture a beautiful white dress with bright red lipstick and red shoes to stand out!

Lastly, your white prom dress isn't restricted to being long, or all white, or plain material. You can choose many styles of formal white prom dress. White prom dresses can be short, beaded, have embellishments, and have high or low necklines. The most important thing is that your gown matches your personality and your vision of what you want to look like on your special day.

Celebrities That Love White Dresses

Actresses wear white gowns on the big screen all the time, and celebrities love to dawn white gowns on the red carpet too. Some of the most famous white dresses that have been featured in movies include Marilyn Monroe's iconic flowy dress in 'The Seven Year Itch' and Sharon Stone's white minidress in 'Basic Instinct.' Celebrities who have pulled off stunning white gown looks on the red carpet include Rihanna, Margot Robbie, Victoria Beckman, Jennifer Lopez, and Mindy Kaling, to name a few. We are starting to see a lot of black and white prom dresses, especially in the fall and winter.

Why Choose a White Prom Dress

Choosing a white prom dress will make you stand out and shine on your special day. We recommend you choose white if you're looking for an elegant, classy look. (And if you can avoid spills of course!) Pair your white prom dress with some catching jewelry, lipstick, clutch, or shoes.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you're choosing a dress is to find a prom gown that you're comfortable in, and that best represents your style.

Although white gowns are a popular choice for prom, white dresses can also be purchased for homecoming, winter formals, military balls, pageants, sweet 16, and any special occasions.

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